The dancing line

Nothing is more facinating than to see how some few strokes with a pen, brush or something else create in us a conection with an image. If it is the outline, shapes, vector drawing or construction, all begin with a line.


Kira- vector line for illustration

Drawing can be done with a stick in the sand. There is no need for paper or pencil or any preparation. When we were children, we took some soft stone to make marks on the street. By walking in the nature, you can see water, animals or wind is making the most wonderful drawings.


3D Drawing inside the bark of a tree.

Leonado da Vinci used drawing to illustrate his scintific analysis of nature, like the law of trunk and branches of a tree. Paul Klee continue the analysis of nature to create a brunch of philosophy and teaching concepts for the Bauhaus. Drawings are more than decorative: there are hooks in our mind for our thoughts, feeling and perception.

The human boddy

Figurative drawing is a search of proportion, relation, marks and recollection. There is allways a tension between the subject and social concepts. A human boddy is never neutral, its sexual, erotic, medical, religious, critical …

Study01 Kopie

Study of a person laying

Every boddy can draw, until some one comes and says, you need to do it.

How to draw a Person on a chair


x-y-z-coordinates of a person on a chair in a room

Basically, a Room is a space with XYZ directions, like a chair with xyz coordinates, and a body with xyz coordinates. However, not everyboddy who likes to make a drawing has the same perception of space…

For teaching ART we need to learn to accept the difference…


Changing color, same chair, differnet position

Why thinking if you could just do?

Filling space with color, you are changing the accent of communication.

If you use your eye and hand, a camera or  a 3D scanning device to scan or draw a boddy, the result will be incomparable. The line of the hand drawing, a Vector or pixel graphics, each has its strength and its idiosyncrasies character.

…what about the expression of a line? The line of a 4B pencil, charcoal or soft pastel feels different. The thickness of the paper and the surface make difference as well. As more you free your hands with thoughts, as more alive will be the dancing lines.



The chair looks different now? Basicaly, do allways what you feel…, you have the freedom!

As more our mind is free from concept, as more we just feel the joy of paint and draw.

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