Un Jour avec Lineage

Rencontre, échange, decouverte, créativité avec des travaux artistiques, un artiste, un public.
One Day I took part in a family constellation lead by Annelises Tschnett in the Alsace of France. As representative of the composer Arnaud Ribot I learned to feel and think like a person I never met before. 3 months later I started to draw what I learned, ending in a series of paintings called Lineage.


1sd Day

Each Day, this series of paintings changes its visual, technical and intuitive experience. It has been a meditative journey into a path of light. Key elements were dreams, followed after each painting in the night. Strangely in my dreams I did never just  had a brush, but a roll of cotton which I moved in the air and holographic light forms appeared in front of me. I followed those “instructions” that I got in the night and used the physical effect of material that can repel and  attract liquids as well. Paper and cotton formed a Hydraulics and Hydrostatics system, creating a beautiful pattern of tonal value in the painting.


2nd Day

Dietmar Öhlmann, Master of Arts from the London Royal College of Art London, England.

Dietmar’s artistic work is between two dimension and multi-dimensional experiments of any possible medium to create his vision. Working almost like a scientist his research is about perceiving a multidimensional world. It is the search for the reality we perceive, when the mind „touches“ an object with its senses.



3rd Day I startet to use a cotton string to creat my work.

Dietmar has been studying the reflection of light on the surface of an object, which we can record in its visual appearing, its structure, shape and colors. When using photographic media, the tactile sense of the structure is missing, when using some other reproductive media; we experience somewhere a sensation of fault, something different.  In Holography, Dietmar found a way to play with the time-space-paradox, showing his artworks internationally in exhibitions and private collections.


4th Day – Gegensätze

In his new series” Lineage”, he is experimenting the expression of the light from inside, the feelings woke up through multiple connections of a constellation. The line, consanguinity, links, and chains came naturally. It started with oil and watercolor. During the process of painting, he dreamed in the night and got information on how to change the material used. “For me, it is a thrilling experience, to see how he material attracts and repulses pigments, watercolors and oil pastels, how the color and string or feather can fight for their place, and leave their imprint on the paper. The brightness and clarity of the pigments is unique and with nothing else to compare as the way of painting with light itself”.


Der 5. Tag – Changes of concept

Dietmar is living with his family on the border of France and Germany, creating visualization, and art project as well as providing teaching courses


Dietmar Öhlmann sort de sa boite magique les couleurs et les ficelles


Un peu de jaune, tout le monde attend curieux perplexe


cela semble bien simple de laisser sa trace…


Dietmar est suspendu au mouvement, n’y a t-il là pas trop de jaune? il semble vouloir aider… ses mains suivent les gestes du participant


L’artiste montre les mouvements , les marques , les signes des traces qui vont rester et changer….créer c’est déjà observer, attendre…


Nous sommes passé au bleu, les mouvements sont différents, la pression aussi, que restera-t-il de ces traces?


L’image prend une tout autre allure, elle évolue dans le temps, au rytme des marques des participants


le rouge arrive, se positionne autrement avec une autre énergie…


les couleurs et les lignes se sont installées, le processus de transformation ne fait que commencer…


un peu d’eau sur le papier…. et encore… il fait si chaud…


C’est le temps de l’union, l’acte sexuel dont parle l’artiste, la réunion entre papier, couleur, ligne, energie des uns et des autres…


Dietmar Öhlmann invite les participants á taper sur le papier, chacun á sa facon.


les mains tapent, glissent, frottent le papier… l’image sera ensuite complétement différente


la créativité se développe, si vous souhaitez un séminaire , un atelier, contactez nous…


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