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Pencil drawing

Portrait of Karl Bartnik, pencil drawing (4B), 1989

The basic in art and design is to draw. The pencil is one of the most important invotion of mankind. You can write, draw, illustrate, show, communicate with it…

Illustration …

Photography,  Draw ,Paint brought me to study art in Braunschweig, Chester, Liverpool and London. I used to try a lot of experimentations. You never stop learning.


Dijon 2007, Der Richter und die Kunst

In Photography and Printingtechnique, you are using pixel to create an image. In Holography, a special mehode of photography, you are using the light itself.

Holography and Exhibition…

I do Master photography from Analog over pulsed laser Holography to digital image making.


Exploring the holographic space, using a million of a second with the most powerfull flash of light, the pulsed laser. One pulsed transmission Hologramm from Dietmar Ohlmann in his Exhibition at the Millenium Hall Braunschweig 2007

some of my Customer

Phaeno in Wolfsburg 2007, IAV Gifhorn 2006, Voith Turbo in Salzgitter 2007, JL Goslar 2008, DLR Deutscher Luft und Raumfahrt Zentrum in Braunschweig1998, Berlin 2006 and Stuttgart 2011.

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Awards for inovation and creativity from the Region Braunschweig: Syn4D GmbH in Braunschweig in cooperation with Stadt der Wissenschaft and Region Braunschweig 2007.


Illustration, Flyer, Hannover Messe





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