1980-1985, Germany

Open Air exhibition of Large Format Photography, Cultural Centre (TJC), Braunschweig, Germany, 1985.


Youth Centre Germany


1986-1987, Chester, UK

Open air exhibit of Photographic Installation at Chester College of Further Education, Chester, England, 1986.


Photo Project, Chester College of Further Education, Kitchen Staff, 1985

1987-1989, Liverpool, UK

Painting exhibit at the „School of Art“, Liverpool, England, 1987.


Nude, Liverpool 1987


Erection of a Holographic Light Sculpture at the „Mercantile Overseas Bank, Isle of Man,   England, 1989.


Oversea Mercantile Sculpture Isle of Men (in Collection)

Recognitions: Winner of the Mercantile Competition, Liverpool, November 1988.


The Surreal Object„, Tate Gallery, Liverpool, England. International Fine Art Exhibit, 1989.


The 5th dimension, Sureal Objects with glas, mirror and hologram, drawing dancing figures with bend glas rod.


„Art Bridge„, Liverpool University, England, 1989.


Liverpool Echo: The foundation of ArtBridge, Prof. Dr Bashir Makhoul (Israel), Christoph Stehlin(Schweiz), Haidun (China), Deborah (Jüdisch, UK), Kahrim (Syrien), and the initator Dietmar Öhlmann (Germany)


The 5 Dimensional Theatre„, Holographic Installation, School of Art, Liverpool, England, 1989.


The 5th Dimension, Light Sculpture glass, mirror and holographic Elements

1990-1992, London, UK

Holography Exhibit, Academy of art (H:B:K:), Braunschweig, Germany, 1990


Cube, RCA London and HBK Braunschweig, Transmission Hologram and Glass


Studio Exhibit of Holograms , Royal College of Art, London , England,1990.


Grid, drawing in space, light painting with Hologram


Actual Tendency of Holography in Germany„, travelling exhibit: Moderna Galerija, Ljubiljana, Yugoslavia and Staedtische Galeri Sohe 1, Bergkamen, Germany, 1991.

„Octagon“ „Architectural installation“ exhibit at :Retails Design and Interior Design International 1991„, Earts Court Exhibition Centre, London, England and „New Designers 91“, Islington Exhibition Centre, London, England, 1991.


Octagon, Installation with light, glass and Holograms


„4th Symposium of Holography„, International Jury Exhibit, Lake Forest, Illinois , U.S.A, 1991.


Twist, Human in Hyperspace

1992-1993, London, UK, and Washington DC, USA

The Earth and the Frequencies of Life„, Art, Science and Technology Institute, Holography-Museum of the 3rd Dimension, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., 1992.


Bend, Human in Hyperspace 1/4, London, Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Braunschweig (in Collection)


Avanguardia dell’Arte Olografica„, Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy, 1992.


1993-2008 Braunschweig

Holograms by Dietmar Öhlmann“ One man show, Braunschweig, Germany, 1993.


Grid, drawing in space, Holographic drawing


Computer Generated Holograms„, CeBit 1993, (in cooperation with Dotzler Institut for Media, Frankfurt) Hanover, Germany, 1993.


Hologram with analog and digital concept


Computer Art/Arte Digital„, Goethe Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (Human in Hyperspace, Bend, Turn and Twist)1993.


Turn, reduced image Human in Hyperspace integration in painting


5Th Symposium of Holography“, International Jury exhibit, Lake Forest, USA, 1994

Holographia 2000“, Maison International de l’Holographie, Paris, France, 1994.

Let There Be Light“, The National museum of Photography , Film & Television, Bradford, England, 1995.


The sream, Lens, pulsed laser Hologram, self portrait of Dietmar Ohlmann


Space in Plane – Plane in Space“, Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemet, Hungary, 1996

Art in Holography“, University of Nottingham, England, 1996.

“Christal of Light”, outside laser and holographic master installation, Kohlmarkt Braunschweig, 1997

“Tunnel des Lichts”, Fifteen meter long holographic light installation, for a benefit Concert of Bulagarien Children, Millenium Theatre Braunschweig, 1997


BZ, Tunnel des Lichts, Installation of light with holographic and none holographic material.


“Brücke des Lichts” Interior Design, Room as holographic light sculpture, Millenium Braunschweig, 1997


Inerior Design with Steel, Glas, Light and Holographic Optical Element (HOE)


„Let it Flow“, ASTI Collection curated by Odile Meulien, Millenium Braunschweig Nov 1998


„Le Souffle“, Video and holographic Material, Millenium 1999


„Multiple Realities,“  None Holograms, Millenium, Braunschweig, Feb 2000


None Holograms “  at  Holography 2000 ,Stadtmuseum St Polten, Austria, 2000


„The Beauty“, Videoinstallation and Multimedia performances, Braunschweig 2001


“Retroperspective”, Installation of sketches, photos, sculpture, painting of Dietmar Öhlmann, Millenium Braunschweig 2001


Retro, Millenium Braunschweig



Cry, watercolor, pastel and Paper



Enjoy, Watercolor, pastel (in collection)


“Experience Holography”, Traveling Exhibition in School with educational Programm of Odile Meulien


Private view


“Genesis,” Holography (Matrix) and Video Installation in “The Pyramid”, Braunschweiger Kulturnacht 2004


Matrix inside the video projection of a hologram 2004

 Video of Genesis:


„Micro Hologram,“ Montreal, Canada and San Jose, USA 2005


Narcissi/ Micro Hologram, Instalation St Diego, looking at a master through a dot


Recognitions: Innovation Award Project Region Brunswick


“Synfogramme – Bilder aus Zeit und Licht” Exhibition of digital Holograms (IAV, Voith, Phaeno, Philiber), Phaeno Wolfburg, Photon, Landesmuseum, Okerhaus and Millenium Braunschweig 2006, 2007 and 2008


Phaeno Wolfsburg


“Fascination of Light,” European Exhibition, Brussel 2007


Space-Time-Photography with moving camera (resulting in stereoskopic sensation)


“Frühlingsgefühle 2007,” Gallery E-Werk Osterwieck, Harz 2007


Strech, None Hologram, Metal Grid, hologram, Metall and wood. 2000


“Glam-o-Rama Performance Exhibition,” 10 second performance of a group of Burlesque Dancer, as digital holographic recording and life show, Rote Korsar Braunschweig, Managed by Referent Toddn 2008


Glam-o-Rama, flying rail photography and synthetic, holographic production.


2007 „L’autre Perspective… en 3D“ Centre culturel, Niedebronne les Bains France. Exhibition and Educational Project. Several more exhibition and training program in Elsas.

2008 DGS Kongress in Bautzen, Germany2009-Heute Kehl-Strassburg, Deutschland

“Video Sculpture” with 3-D Glasses free Panels and Cinema 4D Illustration, e.g. for DLR at the Airport Stuttgart, Hannover Messe, 2009 – 2011


3-D glasses free panel with 4 dimensional video, Stuttgart, Hannover

3D Illustration,


Space time illustration for DLR Stuttgart

Video: Art and Education


3D Design: Finite Elements, video for Messe



Winner of the Mercantile Competition, Liverpool England, November 1989.

  • Global Image Award 1991, Royal College of Art, London, England, June 1991
  • Direct Grant Award, Museum of Holography, New York, USA, June 1991.
  • Selected at the Jury Exhibition of the 4h and 5th International Symposium of Holography, Lake Forest, Illinois, U. S.A., 1991, 1994.
  • Was offered a Travelling Grant from the Sokoloff Foundation, New York-, USA, 1996.
  • Artist Grant from Lake Forest College, 1997, USA.
  • Artist Grant from the Shearwater Foundation, USA for the 7th symposium of Holography in St- Pölten, Austria.
  • Artist Grant from SPIE – Photonics West 2005
  • Innovatives Niedersachsen und Projekt Region Braunschweig GmbH fördern innovative Geschäftsideen, Preisträger des regionalen Ideen-Wettbewerbs „Idee : Gründung = Erfolg2“ 2006